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"With a refreshing approach to the traditional music of Sunnmøre, they have found their own youthful form in vibrant playing and humour."

 (Sunnmørsposten by Bjørn Halvorsen)

"Folk tunes from Storfjorden, masterly performed on accordion and fiddle by Knut Ivar Bøe and Ingunn Linge Valdal, was a perfect choice for an exhibition of local landscapes by one of Europe's modernist pioneers."

(Sunnmørsposten from the Kurt Schwitters exhibition nov.'97)


"Explosive musical opening in Gerianger... A lot of old slått music from the Stofjord area, with a striking Irish conclusion that had the audience applauding with hands and feet at the county hall. Cultural happening that hit home."

(Sunnmørsposten, oct.'97)

"Ferdafolk have toured Europe and found the tune with people from all places, and the music they have served, which has been received with open minds and arms, must obviously contain a global keynote, colored though it is by centuries of tradition in the villages along the fjord Storfjorden."

(Fylket, by Jakob Kjersem, oct.'97)

"The young musicians Knut Ivar Bøe and Ingunn Linge Valdal display a unique love and discretion, not only for folk music, but also for the the folk songs originating in their own home villages at Sunnmøre."

(Møre, sept.'97)

"The accordionist was excessing in syncopations and time-shifts, but in spite of the mischief the audience were never at risk of loosing the beat. For Ingunn Linge Valdal was steady as a rock. And when you are given the whole spectrum from tender and deep to fortzando and foot-stepping that must register on the Richter Scale, it is no wonder that the students found it cool..."

(Gammeldans, by Morten Bollerud)

About the CD "Ferdafolk":

"I like Ferdafolk for their variety, and because it sometimes turns out differently from what one expects. And it is Knut Ivar Bøe who surprises. He really takes it out in full on his accordion and borrows from other genres while still proving comfortable with the traditional songs."

(Lira (Sweden) by Lars Moberg)

"What strikes me, is that the album as a whole is considerably more open and including towards Norwegian traditional music compared to other albums this magazine has listened to. We are presented with broad folk musical strokes, and the individual pieces stand out as chained melodies in which the accordion most noticably is used to the fullest potential - also meaning the kind of potential that means playing the naked melody without lots of bellow and left hand....."

(Folk & Musik (Denmark) by Michael Sommer)