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"This folk music duo, having performed extensively both at home and abroad, impressed us with their interpretations of slått, halling, marches and folk songs. The kind of folk music they play helps present Norwegian traditional music to a larger audience than those who only listen to folk .music"

(Sunnmørsposten 14/5-99)

The folk music duo Ingunn Linge Valdal from Valldal and Knut Ivar Bøe from Vaksvik were baptised by fire in Denmark, with the radio coverage from the Haikær Festival in June 1996.

"To me, the accordion and the fiddle have been synonomus with reinlender, polka and waltz. I emphasize have been!" (quote from a football crazed journalist who forgot to watch the Rosenborg football match during a Ferdafolk concert...)

Later, they have performed at large festivals in France, Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Shetland with their traditional music from the Storfjord area, in addition to trips in their ancestor's footsteps to Sweden and the British Isles.

Other kinds of gigs have found place at Liseberg (Sweden), at theatre performances and at the National Festival in Ålesund - live music accompanying unique slides from Storfjorden!

They have also done various representation assignments, for instance in Latvia, for KS and the Foreign Department, as well as a long list of performances at summits and conferences.

"...wild rock riffs from Knut Ivar's accordion competing with Ingunn Linge Valdal's fiddle. We met Ferdafolk in a lively, colourful medley. The mischief and their playful music, intersected by lyric song, was warmely welcomed by the audi"ence.

(Spelemannsbladet 5/98)


NRK (The Norwegian broadcasting corporation) portrayed them on the programmes "Folkemusikktimen" (P1-96), "Kappspell" (NRK-TV -97) and "Halvbror til reven", on NRK-2 -97.


In May 1998 the duo represented Norway at Euromusica in Greece, where the main concert was broadcasted by satellite to all of Europe. NRK produced a show which was shown on NRK2 and NRK1 in September -99. With the folk music band "Grunnlaget", they have given several concerts, e.g. at the city of Ålesund's jubilee, and later with Fliflet Hamre Energiforsyning and with Tomra Brass:

"In good spirits and with gusto the two impressed us, as they always do. With intensity and force, intersected by lyric passages, they took the audience on a journey from the British Isles to the Norwegian fjords, using the music as their medium. The traditional music was presented with a humouristic twist, and the highlight of the performance was when Tomra Brass and Ferdafolk gave the first ever performance of Bøe and Wilby's arrangement of "Synneshallingen" - a truly magnificent finale!


Ferdafolk have toured schools in Møre og Romsdal and Rogaland with the institution Rikskonsertene. During the summer of 2001 they represented Norway at the EBU Festival in Hungary, and a little later on there was the multi-media show "In the wake of Cutty Sark", whith original music, dance and drama - Knut Ivar being a contributing composer - for the Cutty Sark regatta in Ålesund. The following fall they toured for 7 1/2 weeks, performing for 8100 students with actor Bjørnar Teigen in the show "We live 25 minutes too late", with texts by the multi artist Kurt Schwitters.

"The audience did not mind having a little fun while listening to Norwegian traditional music."

(Sunnmørsposten, 308-99)