- allways on the move!   
    - with imagination & "musication", sweet & swinging, tender and wild, locally & globally...  
    - ferdafolk ("travellers") have, with stories and imagination, found a truly personal way of performing local traditional music. Their humour and creativity compliments and awakens old, forgotten tunes. Springing from their different backgrounds, their music has become a melting pot of gentleness and force. Melodic lines are challenged by lively rythms, and timeless tradition and pulsating modernity meet in a kind of global keynote.  
    - with a wink in the eye!  


INGUNN LINGE VALDAL and KNUT IVAR BØE  are both from Sunnmøre, on the West Coast of Norway. They have discovered and revived a lot of previously unknown and unperformed music from the Storfjord-area. These exuberant tunes, in the traditional styles of springar, halling and wedding march, represent a solid heritage that does not bend to contemporary trends or hectic consumer culture.

Ferdafolk  got a flying start in January 1996, with Danish radio coverage from the Halkærfestivalen, festival work in France and later two tours to Denmark - all in one summer! To present their music to the local audience, they gave a series of church concerts along the fjord Storfjorden in the fall of 1996, a tour which received fantastic response from the press and the audience alike: "..... there was no monotony or tiresome repetitions, but lively rythms and harmonies, as in jazz, for instance - with the true sound of folk music still contained - Norwegian, but melodic and strikingly well improvised. From now on we will leave the radio on, even when folk music is played!..."

Since then, they have performed at festivals, concerts and cultural events in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Latvia, Greece, Hungary, the Faroe Islands and Shetland - as well as in Norway. They have been portrayed in various radio and tv shows both at home and abroad. Their album Ferdafolk was released in 1997, containing traditional music, mainly originating in the Sunnmøre area. In 1998 they represented Norway at the EBU-Festival in Hungary. Over the past few years, they have also been touring for the nationwide event Rikskonsertene, together, as a duo or with other artists. They both have ties to the Møremusikarane in the Møre og Romsdal area. Through this institution, they give classes and seminars, in addition to various pro bono acts. They are regularly invited to perform at hotels, conferences and summits.

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Contact:  Ferdafolk -  Knut Ivar Bøe, N-6240  Ørskog

Tel/fax +47 70 27 30 61  Mobile +47 916 30 275,   +47 905 81 156

e-mail: knut.ivar@ferdafolk.no


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³ Hear Ferdafolk with guest musicians on the CD "Ferdafolk", HCD 7133.

You can also listen to Knut Ivar Bøe on "Ferdamann", HCD 7100.


  Take a trip to the fjord Storfjorden, where old hillside farms cling to their existance between dazzling waterfalls and steep mountains!  





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